How to Build Momentum In Your Marriage

Do you and your spouse have marriage momentum? If you’ve built momentum in your marriage, then you’re in an ongoing state of moving forward together. Even when you face obstacles together, you’re able to take them in stride as you work together to keep going. Momentum propels you toward a fulfilling marriage.

Momentum comes from consistent forward motion in your relationship. Your marriage momentum can be challenged and impeded by friction (such as communication breakdowns, illness, financial difficulties, and parenting struggles). While all couples face friction from time to time, it’s possible to overcome those challenges and continue building momentum in your relationship.

Want to know how to build momentum in your marriage? We’ve got a few tips to share, so read on.

Raise Your Energy Levels

Momentum is harmed when you put effort into something that does not pay off, or does not work for your relationship. Take stock of areas in your marriage where you both feel as though you’re grinding your gears. Can you take the pressure off? Is there a way you can work together to lower that friction?

Depending on your situation, here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Identify ways to improve your communication
  • Tackle an unresolved problem that’s been hanging over your heads
  • Look at each of your schedules to see where they might better align
  • Find ways to help one another achieve those goals you’ve been putting off

Once you’ve identified ways to alleviate this low momentum, you’ll notice your energy levels increasing. The boost in energy and momentum will help you both feel more successful and fulfilled.

Find Solutions to Obstacles Together

When obstacles and setbacks arise, work together to find solutions you can put into action right away. Blaming circumstances or other people (especially each other) for challenges is a momentum killer. Although struggles can feel immobilizing, they don’t have to be.

Rather than seeing your obstacles as insurmountable, be proactive. Seek out ways you can solve these issues together. That way, when you reach the other side of a situation, you’ll know you worked together to make it through. Finding ways to effectively solve problems as a team is an incredible way to build marriage momentum.

Dream More Together

Sharing your dreams with one another, then pursuing them together, is a great way to keep your marriage momentum going. If your marriage is moving along smoothly, dreams will help you up your game.

Take time to share your individual dreams with each other. Then, talk about your dreams for yourself as a couple. What experiences would you like to have together? Are there things you’d like to do as a couple, or places you want to see? Share those dreams with each other, then create proactive ways to make them happen over time.

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Do you have momentum in your marriage? Have extra tips for building it? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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