The Big Question: Helping My Husband Balance Work and Home

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How do I give my hard-working husband support while still keeping him involved in daily activities?

These days, it’s a challenge for hard-working spouses to balance all aspects of life comfortably. We’re all busy and pulled in many different directions on any given day. With jobs and outside activities tugging us this way and that, struggling to stay involved at home can take a huge toll on marriages and families.

As a wife, you’re sincerely invested in helping your husband to stay involved in the everyday details of home life, and you’re looking for ways to strike that healthy balance (and this is true, in many cases, whether a wife works outside the home or within the home). So what can you do to help make family life enjoyable for your husband? (And husbands, we encourage you to use this same exercise with your wives!)

We created a simple solution called The Big Question exercise. It’s easy to implement: each week, ask your spouse, “If there’s only one thing I can do to be a good wife/husband this week, what would it be?”

In today’s video, we discuss The Big Question and how it can impact your marriage for the better.

Asking your spouse what you can do to be better each week conveys to him or her that you’re on the same team. In contrast, you can also let your spouse know of things in the home that you need them to take care of. This clearly communicates where they are needed in the space of daily life.

If your spouse is overworked or stressed out, focus on helping them create more time for fun, play, and connection. If you have to, schedule some of that down time for them. Taking time to unwind from life’s demands is critical to your family’s well-being.

How do you and your spouse help one another balance work and life? We’d love to hear your ideas and your results! Please leave your comments below.


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  • Amy Chahin says:

    I just love learning from your posts and articles. My husband gave me this book almost 5 or 6 years ago and it helped our marriage a lot. Glory be to God for your lives.
    For us it’s really hard to cope with work and leaving stress of work out of our home, he has a very demanding work and it makes him a bit cranky sometimes so this advice will surely improve his life and in cascade mine and our daughters.

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