Critical Tips for Overcoming Fear in Marriage and Life

Fear sabotages the best of intentions. It can infiltrate marriages and relationships, keep you from achieving your goals, and silence good people who might otherwise speak up in the face of adversity. In order to live up to your full potential, and to make your life and marriage the best they can be, then it’s essential to overcome fear.

Wondering where to begin? We’ve gathered a few tips to help bolster your courage.

1. Do the right thing in spite of your fear.

Oftentimes, overcoming fear means doing the right thing even when you’re afraid to. This works more easily in theory than in practice. In real time, making moves despite your fears could result in real consequences. You might be risking your job, the ire of your loved ones, or public criticism. But the thing is, there’s always something or someone important that is worth fighting for.

When you’re faced with fear of doing the right thing, consider the far-reaching effects of your decision. How will it improve your life, or the lives of others in the long run? What kind of impact will it have on your future? Stay focused on the long term as you make your move.

2. Focus less on what others think.

When we hold ourselves back, it’s often because we’re worried about what others will do or say. This is true whether you’re worried about your spouse’s opinion, or your family or friends’. It’s important to consider the next best move for your particular situation, and of course, other people will factor into that. But there will be times when worrying too much about others’ reactions will sabotage your efforts to succeed.

Examine the goal you’ve set or the obstacle in front of you. If moving forward aligns with God’s plan and your values, there will be times when you’ll need to press ahead. And, if it’s possible, do so in such a way that maintains as much peace in your relationships as possible.

Alternatively, there will be times when you and your spouse have decisions to make together, and you’ll fear potential outside responses. In these cases, you will need to work together and support each other through any misgivings you may have. Prayerfully make decisions together about how to tackle your situation, then move forward with your focus on why you made that call in the first place.

3. Love relentlessly.

Letting love fuel your actions is a powerful way to overcome feelings of fear. Love is infinitely stronger than fear, yet we often forget that when we’re in the midst of a frightening scenario. When we focus on our love for others, then we can push past our fear. Whatever the scenario, focusing on love over fearfulness will help us move, then keep moving.

4. Take the first step.

Often, taking the first step is one of the biggest hurdles to overcoming fear. We often get trapped in analysis paralysis, overthinking situations rather than taking action. That pattern then pulls us into inaction, which results in more fear. Rather than withdrawing from a situation that scares you, look within to identify what’s making you fearful. Then, start moving.


Overcoming fear is required in order for us to reach our full potential. That’s true whether we’re working on personal development, our marriages, or other relationships such as friendships and family bonds. In order to be a healthy individual–and, as a result, cultivate healthy relationships–we need to confront our fears.

Our book, Healthy Me, Healthy Us, is a guide to becoming a healthier person. It features a deeper dive into how to overcome our fears. If you’re looking for extra guidance in your journey, you can get your copy here.

Has fear impacted your marriage? What about your lives as individuals, or as a couple? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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