Are ALL things permissible in the bedroom?

Would God disapprove of anything that we do in the privacy of our home sexually?

You and your spouse are incredibly blessed; you get to experience God’s gift of sexual intimacy within your marriage. Making love with your husband or wife can be an adventure, more amazing than you ever dreamed. If you’re engaged but not yet married, you’re probably looking forward to marriage with great anticipation of this almost incomprehensible freedom together.

Once you’re married, though, you might wonder what rules God has placed around sex within marriage. What’s OK to do, and what’s not? Are there sexual acts or experiences within marriage that are still wrong, even after you’re husband and wife?

In today’s video, we discuss how the principles that guide your life as a believer factor into marital sex between you and your spouse.

Sometimes we come from backgrounds that may restrict our comfort level with sexuality in marriage, and it’s important to study the Word, pray, and communicate openly with one another in your journey to deeper intimacy.

The Bible is full of rich resources for married couples that will help the two of you grow closer as you study what God says about marital sex. Song of Solomon is the ultimate biblical example of romance and intimacy between a husband and wife, so make a date to study it with your spouse!

Praying separately and together for clarity where sex is concerned will help you to sort through your feelings together. Ask God to bless the two of you and bring you closer together. Your intimacy is glorifying to Him, so pray that you will both be able to be fully present and vulnerable with one another.

Being willing to communicate with one another about your thoughts, ideas, fears, needs, and wants in the bedroom is critical to overcoming any obstacles to closeness. Even if it takes a little while (and a lot of talking!), working through your feelings surrounding sex will free you to concentrate solely on one another, instead of your anxieties.

Communicating openly will also help the two of you to reach an understanding about the sexual activities you are and aren’t comfortable with. Once you each know where the other stands sexually, you can concentrate on your areas of agreement. And as you grow closer, you can always make adjustments!

How have you and your spouse overcome barriers to greater intimacy? Let us know in the comments section!

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