A Battle for His Time: Sports Versus Marriage

My Husband Spends the Majority of his Time Involved in Sports. Do I need to change, or does he?

So you’re married to a sports nut, and it’s causing division in your relationship. Should your spouse change his (or her!) ways, or should you? In this video, we suggest adjustments, compromises, and possible boundaries to implement in order to bring more harmony to your marriage.

Are you married to a sports fanatic? What are some things you have done to bring harmony to your marriage? Have you become involved in your spouse’s sports interest in order to cultivate shared time together? Or, have you created your own activities apart from sports? Share your comments below.

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  • Dawn says:

    I knew he was a sports fanatic when I married him so I just make it work. I don’t get offended by it. I, myself, love the major sports so we’ll curl up and watch some together; mostly football. But when’s he’s watching nascar or Tour de France for cryin out loud (boring!!) I just find something else to do. I let him know if I start feeling deprived of him due to sports and he makes time for me. If he chose to never make time for me then I’d have an issue and we’d have a serious discussion! Otherwise, I fill my time with things I like to do… Or that need to be done.

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