5 Ways to Transform Your Marriage Through Gratitude

Thanksgiving is almost here, and it’s the perfect time of year to reflect on what we’re thankful for. This season is always a wonderful reminder that gratitude is transformational, and it can take your marriage through an incredible metamorphosis when you practice it.

Cultivating gratitude not only makes you stronger as a person, it makes you stronger as a couple. It strengthens your family and teaches your children to begin practicing the habit of gratitude early in their own lives.

Let’s look at five ways you and your spouse can practice gratitude in your marriage all year long.

1. Keep a gratitude journal

Journaling your gratitude is a fantastic way to focus on your blessings. There’s something about putting pen to paper that crystallizes your thoughts and feelings into reality.

You don’t have to follow a rigid routine, but make it a point to take 5 minutes to write down gratitude in your journal. Make a quick bullet list if you need to, or write a few pages–it’s entirely up to you. The point of the exercise is to center your mind on all the things you’re grateful for.

2. Share your journal entries with one another

Now, take your journaling a step further by sharing your gratitude with one another. Again, this doesn’t have to be formal; you can even send one another a quick text to communicate what you’re thankful for on any given day.

Communicating about the things you feel grateful for is a wonderful way to inspire one another to be thankful in ways you might not have considered. It’s a way of gently reminding each other what matters most, rejoicing in good times, and staying positive through difficult or stressful seasons.

3. Give your spouse tokens of gratitude

There are many ways to show your spouse how grateful you are for them. Take some time to say thank you by:

  • Verbalizing what you’re grateful for
  • Leaving them a handwritten note to say thanks
  • Making them a special dinner (or taking them out)
  • Giving small, meaningful gifts as tokens of your gratitude
  • Picking up some of their workload at home

In marriage, seemingly small things can go a very long way. Even leaving a sticky note on the bathroom mirror with a handwritten message of gratitude can have a lasting, positive impact on your spouse’s day.

4. Express gratitude to your support system

We all have loved ones surrounding us who act as our support system, like trusted friends, church family, marriage mentors, and even the professional counselors who work with us when we need it most.

Turning your gratitude outward will multiply it even more than simply expressing it in your home. Take some time to say thank you to the people who show you love, help, and support throughout the year.

5. Say thank you to your family

If you have healthy relationships with family members who are loving and nurturing to you and your spouse, give them your thanks. If you are able to spend time with your extended family during Thanksgiving–or any time of year, for that matter–don’t take that time for granted. Take some time to tell them why you’re grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

We’re grateful to each of you for spending time with us throughout the year. Thank you! Here’s to a holiday season full of gratitude, joy, and love.

How do you and your spouse practice gratitude throughout the year? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section!


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