4 Ways to Work Together as a Married Team to Achieve Your Goals

The happiest couples work together to achieve their goals. If you take a close look at the high-achieving couples you most admire, you’ll likely notice that they partner with one another not only in the details of their daily lives, but also in the big adventures they embark upon. Teamwork is the most important foundation couples should build upon, especially when each spouse has big dreams they’d like to achieve.

Pursuing goals alongside a marriage, family, and careers can be quite a juggling act. But in the end, supporting one another through the process is worth it. If you’re wondering how you can work together in your marriage to achieve your goals, read on.

1. Talk about your goals.

Discussing your goals and dreams with one another is the first step toward supporting each other in their pursuit. If you don’t know your spouse’s aspirations, and vice versa, then it’s going to be difficult to pursue and achieve them. Understanding each other’s dreams allows you to work together and figure out how you’re going to help one another achieve them.

Whatever method of communication works best for you, whether that’s having a face-to-face conversation or comparing notes you’ve made individually, lean into that. Keeping communication open and expectations clear will raise your chances of mutual success.

2. Express admiration for your spouse’s goals.

One of the main things that keeps many people from pursuing their goals is the opinion of others. We’re particularly sensitive to our spouse’s opinion. When it comes to pursuing something we’re passionate about, we have a deep need to feel as though our spouse admires our aspirations.

Show your spouse that you admire their goals. Communicating clearly that you not only admire them, but support them, too, will be a tremendous motivator as they take action.

3. Respect your spouse’s changing needs as they work toward their goals.

Pursuing goals and following dreams can often mean that day-to-day life is affected, somewhere along the way. The journey toward achieving goals can be long and arduous, and it’s important to be prepared for that. Your spouse’s needs as an individual may shift during this time, aligning with whatever it takes to achieve goals.

As always, keep your communication open and talk with one another about what you each need and expect. There may be times when you need to pause and re-center with one another. Have regular check-in conversations and make sure you’re still on the same page.

4. Give one another grace when priorities shift and balance is difficult.

Grace is essential in day-to-day life. When we’re pursuing our goals and dreams, it’s sometimes needed even more. Whatever it takes to achieve a goal, the extra work can sometimes create imbalance in other areas of life, or cause a temporary shift in priorities. It’s up to both of you to decide how you’re going to handle the imbalances as they come, and how you’re going to respond to changing priorities.

Ultimately, you’ll only be able to successfully achieve your goals if you support one another unfailingly. Be willing to listen to each other and make adjustments as you go. Achieving our goals isn’t necessarily a linear process, and you may each need to pause or alter the journey so your marriage and family can continue to thrive while you work together.

Pursuing and achieving goals while balancing a healthy marriage can be a challenge. It’s hard work that requires resilience and strength that sometimes feel impossible to tap into. My (Les’s) book, You’re Stronger Than You Think, is a guidebook to tapping into the ultimate strength: strength that comes from God. With the ultimate strength and the best of teamwork, you can successfully achieve your goals together. Get your copy here.

Have you and your spouse helped each other to pursue major life goals? How did you balance it and keep harmony in your marriage? We’d love to know, so leave a comment and tell us about it.

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