3 Ways to Make Loving Like Jesus a Habit

“We are what we repeatedly do.” – Aristotle

Not only in marriage, but in life, we need to love like Jesus did. Loving like Jesus allows us to step into all seasons and circumstances with the ability to love with mindfulness, approachability, grace, boldness, and selflessness.

If we want to love like that automatically, we have to make it a habit. Although we as humans are not perfect and can’t expect to be, we can cultivate the habit of actively loving like Jesus. It takes time and intentionality, but it can be done–and your relationships will reap its rewards.

Let’s look at three ways you can make it a habit to love others the way Jesus did.

1. Less talk, more action.

It’s one thing to be motivated to love like Christ. We can feel the desire to love like Him in our hearts, but until we begin to act on that motivation, that desire is inert.

To love like Jesus requires regular action–both on your own and in the world. Making Christlike love a habit means you need to make the time to pray, meditate, and read scripture daily. It also means you need to act on that love when you interact with others.

Beyond your interactions with friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances, you’ll want to look for ways to act with love in society. Who do you see that needs help right now? How can you step in? How can you use your voice, time, or resources to show them love?

2. Make your actions automatic.

As you practice Christlike love, your actions will become more automatic over time. You can help cement these habits through daily intention, prayer, time spent in the Word, and meditation. God’s Word and the Holy Spirit work steadily on our hearts over time, opening them more and more to the Spirit’s words and Jesus’s love.

These daily practices help us to make the loving actions we take more automatic. We like to think of it as building new neurological routines. As time goes on and you practice your daily habits, your actions and responses will become more and more Christlike. Loving like Jesus will eventually become a more instinctive response.

3. Listen for the Spirit’s voice.

Spending daily time in scripture and prayer will help you hear the Holy Spirit–which in turn fuels your love for others. Reading scripture keeps us centered and focused on the voice of God, and daily quiet time with Him helps us to recognize the voice of the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is living and breathing, and has been with us from the very beginning. The Spirit walks with us through every relationship, triumph, tragedy, and daily routine. We need to be able to recognize this–then connect with the Spirit daily so we can get to know His voice.

The Holy Spirit can guide us into Christlike love if we allow Him to. And today, it’s more important than ever to be fully connected with Him. When all else fails, loving like Jesus simply requires us to step out in faith.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Learn to love like Jesus did.

If you want to know more about how you can love like Jesus in your daily life, we can help. My (Les’s) book, Love Like That, will help guide you through the specific characteristics of Christ’s love, and how to adopt them for yourself. You can get your copy here.

What specific habits have you implemented to love more like Jesus? Let us know in the comments section.


  • Thank you for this important – and humbling – reminder: “We can feel the desire to love like Him in our hearts, but until we begin to act on that motivation, that desire is inert.” I am guilty of this, for sure – not putting action behind what I say I believe. A timely challenge, especially in this unprecedented season. Thank you!

  • Vic Woodward says:

    I’m reminded after reading your blogpost that, “Love is the process of meeting needs.” #trueface The motivation of the Christ follower’s heart is derived from Love and He dwells in us and He is love. Meeting the needs of others, my wife and family in this case, requires action. Life in the New Covenant, as one who trusts in Jesus, asks this question; “what does love require of me.?” Andy Stanley – Irresistible

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