3 Valentine’s Date Ideas to Bring You and Your Spouse Closer

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. Have you and your spouse made date night plans yet?

There are many great options for Valentine’s dates, but this year we want to focus on a few specific ideas that will help you focus on your love and admiration for one another. Let’s dive right in.

1. Dance together

There’s more to dancing than meets the eye, and dancing with your spouse can reignite your spark on multiple levels. You don’t have to go to a ballroom dancing class or public place to let a dance work its magic, either. All you really need is a little music.

Dancing is, quite literally, an exercise in working together in harmony. Think of the movements as a metaphor for your marriage, and allow the lessons you learn from dancing together to spill over into other moments, like your communication.

Talk about the dance afterward. How did it feel to move together? Be in sync with one another’s bodies? Share such close space without interruptions?

Now, think about where you can be in better step with one another in your daily life. How can a dance translate into a healthier connection between you and your spouse?

2. Draw or paint one another

If you and your spouse share a creative streak–or just enjoy art–consider sitting together and drawing or painting one another’s portraits.

You don’t have to be a skilled artist to do this, and it’s not really about the quality of the artwork itself. Rather, it’s about taking some time to study your spouse closely, as an artist studies their subject.

When was the last time you looked at your husband or wife this way? Life gets busy, especially if you have kids. You’ve likely got jobs, bills, children, and other aspects of life tugging at you from every direction. It can be difficult to slow down and truly take time to appreciate one another in the midst of life’s chaos.

Take the time to focus on what you find attractive about your spouse. Pay careful attention not only to physical attributes you love, but also to their demeanor–the confidence they exude or the feeling of their presence. Maybe you capture these things in an image, and maybe you don’t. The goal is to capture them in your heart, then use them to fan the flame in your relationship.

If you’d rather draw or paint an abstract, then use your spouse as inspiration and paint concepts that they personify. Going to an art class for your date is fun, but certainly not required; however, an art instructor can help guide you if you like.

Remember, the point of this exercise isn’t the quality of the art. Instead, it’s all about getting a fresh perspective on your spouse, then sharing that perspective with one another.

3. Write love letters to each other

Love letters–real love letters–were a staple of many relationships before the advent of the internet, instant messaging, texting, and email. Letters are a thoughtful expression of the deep love you have for your partner, and they’re not reserved only for courtship. In fact, we believe love letters should be a lasting part of every relationship.

Buy some nice stationery and pens first, then take a little time to think about what you want to say. Write thoughtfully and with intention; it’s easy to skim over your thoughts (or leave them out altogether) when communicating via electronic tools.

Talk about your love and what you admire about your spouse. Write down things you love about them, and be specific. Let them know why you love these attributes, and what those things do for you.

We guarantee that these letters, when well-thought-out and thoughtfully written, will be a game-changer for your marriage. Taking some time to tell your spouse how much you love them–and what you love about them–will reignite your spark.

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