10 Romantic Fall Dates to Enjoy with Your Spouse

By September 20, 2017February 20th, 2018Time

Fall is a beautiful and exciting time of year, with changing leaves, football season in full swing, and holidays right around the corner. Take advantage of the cooler weather and the wide variety of seasonal activities to go on some creative and romantic dates with your spouse.

There are plenty of ways to fully enjoy the autumn, so we’ve created a list of 10 ideas to get you started. Have fun!

1. Go on a coffee date

There’s never a wrong time to get coffee, but there’s something about fall that makes a hot drink seem more appealing. Cooler temperatures are a great excuse to have a date at your favorite coffee shop—and fall is pumpkin spice season, which makes it extra special.

2. Have a bonfire and make s’mores

There’s something romantic about snuggling in front of the bonfire in the chilly night air, roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. If either of you (or both!) plays an instrument, like guitar, banjo, or mandolin, bring it to the fireside and liven things up with a little music.

3. Go to a football game

High school and college football games are always a blast. You and your spouse could plan a trip to your respective alma maters’ homecoming festivities and share memories from your college days. Even better, relive your own memories together if you both attended the same school.

4. Go on a hike

A hike is a great way to see the gorgeous fall foliage in all its glory. Choose your favorite scenic trail and spend the day talking, taking pictures, and enjoying each other’s company. Take a picnic with you and savor the day together…and the view.

5. Camp out

Fall weather is perfect for camping, so pick a favorite campground or state park and pack up for the weekend. You can unplug and spend time together fishing, biking, hiking, and rejuvenating in nature. If you’d rather have a staycation, pitch a tent in your backyard and spend the night under the stars.

6. Bake a pie together

Autumn is definitely pie season! Apple pies, pumpkin pies, and sweet potato pies are all seasonal favorites, so pick your favorite to bake together and make an afternoon of it. When it’s done, make some apple cider or hot chocolate to wash it down.

7. Play in the leaves

Not much connects you to your inner child during fall quite like raking up a huge pile of leaves, then diving into them. Make your autumn yard clean-up a little more interesting this year by playing together while you work.

8. Go to the pumpkin patch

Take a day trip to the pumpkin patch to pick out your pumpkins for this year’s porch decorations. While you’re at it, take a hayride and play with the baby animals on the farm.

9. Get cozy by the fire

Chilly nights are the perfect excuse to put on some fuzzy socks, grab a comfy blanket, and snuggle up together by a roaring fire. Put on some relaxing music or watch your favorite scary movie (or fun, if you don’t like scary!) with your sweetie, and enjoy a date night in.

10. Attend a carnival or fall festival

Fall festivals are a ton of fun, and the perfect setting for a date night. Get in on the cake walk, grab a candy apple or some cotton candy, play horseshoes or ring toss, and ride the rides like you’re a couple of kids again.

What are your favorite activities to share with your spouse in the fall? Share your ideas in the comments below!


  • Barbara says:

    We like to walk in the woods and have hot chocolate when we’re finished in front of a fire — either outside fire pit or inside fireplace, depending on temperatures.

  • Sharon says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. Many of them we already look forward to doing in the fall. I will share these suggestions with our married couples small group this fall so we can all be intentional in connecting with our spouse.

  • Timothy says:

    These all sound pretty good. I think we’ll do all of them.

  • Tim says:

    This might be a little outside of the norm, but consider turning a date into a service project. Perhaps rake an elderly neighbor’s leaves (then jump in them). Make some apple cider and give it to friends or neighbors.

    Most important is to not miss an opportunity to connect. For us, fall is a transition when the pace of life picks up and we have more going on day-to-day. In the busy time, schedule a date and get a babysitter.

  • Bonnie Lancaster says:

    One date that has sounded like a lot of fun, though we haven’t been able to accomplish it yet, is going to a country dance (like a barn or square dance) in our area. Something to look into, if you’re interested, in your own area!

  • Stacey says:

    My hunny and I live in Canada in a very small, northern town and neither of us drink coffee so this list is really not a great fit for us (ok for September maybe but a definite no for October or later unless we want to freeze to death as we almost always have snow in October). Here are some of the things that we do/I would love if we did in the fall instead:

    1. Hit up a thrift or party store and take turns trying on halloween costumes (always great for a laugh and some hilarious photos) and you might just find the perfect Halloween costume while youre there!

    2. In late October, buy some pumpkins and carve them together! If you’re competitive, post photos on social media and have friends judge which carving is better without telling them who did which one….you could add in a bet of some kind on who wins if you like.

    3. Hit the road with your camera and go for a quiet, slow Sunday afternoon drive to take in all the beautiful fall colours (or if you live near the water see if there’s a lake cruise)!

    4. Instead of curling up to a movie, curl up on the couch with a great book and take turns reading out loud to each other. There’s something so comforting about hearing your spouse’s voice over long periods of time while snuggling that is so relaxing! Don’t have anything good to read? Now you have an excuse to hit the bookstore together and grab lattes/hot chocolates! Not a reader? Try picking a new podcast series to switch things up from just TV/movies.

    5. Cook or Bake ahead of time together and freeze it. (We love to do homemade lasagna from scratch). Everyone craves comfort food once the cold weather sets in and as an added bonus you have meals ready in advance for busy fall days like leaf raking day, or the day before your thanksgiving dinner when youve been busy making part of that and have no energy left for thinking about your regular meal!

    6. Plan a Halloween party or helpout some friends with theirs!

    7. In September, take in all the local attractions or activities that have been too busy all summer because of the tourists or because of a hectic schedule!! Things like the zoo, museum, zip lining (dress warmly!), a lake cruise or fishing, mini putt, go karts, paintball, an amusement park etc. Often times these places are so busy in summertime that you’ll have a way better experience going in the fall.

    8. Clean the house together, bake a treat/dinner and invite another couple over for an overdue visit or a games night! This is also great if you have any couples that are new to the area you’d like to make feel welcome and get to know!

    9. Always wanted family pictures outdoors? Fall is the perfect time for this with all the amazing colours! Sunset and sunrise are also usually a lot more clear and crisp this time of year (just make sure to dress really warmly)!

    10. Hit up a concert or catch a comedy show (if there are any interesting ones in your area).

    11. Make a bucket list together of everything you’d like to do this fall (if it’s early) or this winter (if it’s late) and start get excited and planning!

    12. Volunteer together and pay it forward! Before or around thanksgiving, there are usually lots of volunteer opportunities in communities! Is there a food bank that needs help sorting or delivering to families in need? Is there a thanksgiving dinner for the community you can help prepare or serve? Is there an elderly person or couple that has a home to keep up with that could use some help raking?? Is there a retirement or assited living home that you can help at?

    13. Slow life down and do a puzzle together! If that’s kind of boring and won’t keep your interest on its’ own, put on an audiobook, podcast or music in the background.

    14. Take on a new project together! Does your home need any minor repairs that you can tackle together? Have you always wanted to paint that room? Maybe you have an awkward nook you can design and custom build a small piece of furniture for? Not handy? Clean the house or a room together from top to bottom!

    15. Organize something together. If you’re like me the word organize already has you excited! Do you have a ton of photos lying around or on your computer that you need to go through? Print or keep the good ones and make a beautiful album together! Maybe you have clothing/shoes/decorations etc. that are summer items?? Go through them and figure out storage for the winter! Have a ton of recipes or recipe books? Figure out organizing those (how many times have you thought of a recipe you love that you havent made in a while but cant remember which book its in or what site you found it on?!); type out your favourites and make your own recipe book/binder! (You know your spouse will want to have plenty of input on this in the beginning stages of the process). As an added bonus this makes an amazing personal gift for a wedding shower or for the women in your lives and will get you excited about cooking again for the next few weeks!

  • Brent says:

    Go on a hike, look at nature , enjoy Gods creations and if the opportunity presents itself – get some winter meat in the freezer. Hunt together. Spend time together.

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