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5 Tips for Effectively Mentoring Another Married Couple

By Communication 3 Comments

You and your spouse have decided you’re ready to start mentoring another married couple. It’s an exciting prospect–but it’s also a little intimidating! How can you most effectively use your marriage to influence and help another couple? As marriage mentors, you and your spouse will walk with your mentee couple through one (or more) of three seasons every married couple experiences. We like to call this the Marriage Mentoring Triad: Prepare: your couple’s engagement or newlywed season, where you’ll support them as they work to launch lifelong love Repair: a time in your mentee couple’s marriage when they’re attempting to…

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How Marriage Mentors Can Strengthen Your Relationship

By Communication 16 Comments

Do you and your spouse have mentors for your marriage? Forging a friendship with a couple who has been married longer than you can be a great way to gain support and insight into married life. It’s important for you and your spouse to connect with another committed couple that’s passionate about marriage–and about guiding the two of you toward lifelong love. Marriage mentors can help during all of the three seasons in your marriage; we call this the Marriage Mentoring Triad. We look at the triad as three sides of a triangle that make up three major seasons every…

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