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Infidelity: Does the Root Cause Matter?

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Learning that your spouse has had an affair is a jarring, traumatic emotional experience. For the foreseeable future after the discovery (or your spouse’s confession), you’ll go through a deeply painful mourning period. Everything you believed about your life before this knowledge may be shattered, and you may wonder if you’ll ever be able to trust your spouse again. Picking up the pieces after infidelity is incredibly difficult, but it can be done. The question is, can it be done if your spouse isn’t willing to dig into the why behind his or her actions? Why We Want to Know…

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How to Know Your Marriage is in Trouble

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What are some basic signs that your marriage is in trouble? There’s no exhaustive or magic list that details all the different danger signs for your marriage, but if there’s something in your relationship that’s raising a red flag, now is the time to look closely at it. In today’s video, we’re discussing some different signs that your marriage may be in danger, and what to do. One thing you can do to gauge where your relationship is would be to ask yourself, on a scale from 1 to 10, how satisfied you are with your current marriage relationship. For…

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