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My Spouse Won’t Come to Church. Help!

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It’s incredibly painful when your spouse isn’t interested in engaging with you spiritually. This could be a difference you’ve had since early in your relationship, or it could be a new development. Whatever the case, experiencing a spiritual mismatch in your marriage is challenging. There are a number of scenarios that can create a spiritual divide between spouses: You started your marriage with similar beliefs, but your spouse has since decided to leave church The two of you disagree on the finer points of doctrine or theology, and haven’t been able to find a church to attend together…so you attend…

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How to Choose the Right Church for Your Family

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We are looking for a new church. What suggestions do you have for choosing a church together? Finding a place to worship together can be a major challenge for you and your spouse. It’s not just about finding the right place for yourself as an individual; it’s about finding a place of worship that’s right for both of you (and your children also, if you have them). While you might not necessarily seek a congregation as a consumer, you still have to find that happy medium that works for your entire family–and that will take some careful consideration, observation, and…

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