How to Grow Your Faith Together During a Dark Season

Every couple goes through dark seasons. Sometimes, you’re facing tragedy or loss. Other times, you may be going through a personal faith crisis. Difficult life circumstances like death, job loss, and financial crisis can put a strain on faith. The dark season that ensues can be very difficult to navigate.

There will be times when both of you are on this journey. But sometimes, one of you bears the brunt of the struggle. How do you continue to grow your faith together, as a couple, in the midst of a dark season?

Let This Experience Grow Your Faith

First, reframe how you look at the situation you’re in. It just might help you grow your faith instead of hindering it. Whatever your position in this situation, think about ways you can strengthen your own spirituality.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What can I do to better support my spouse during this experience?
  • How can I shift my perspective and my spiritual growth?
  • What lessons can I lean into while we navigate this time?
  • How can I practice more generous grace?

Spend Time in Prayer

Dark seasons invite you into a deeper prayer practice, for yourself and one another. This doesn’t have to look a certain way. You don’t necessarily have to start a new morning routine, in other words. Instead, when you sense that your spouse is struggling, pray for them behind the scenes.

Unseen prayer is one of the most powerful gifts you can give one another during hard times. It gives you the spiritual boost you need while lending quiet support to the person you love most. This is a great option if your spouse isn’t open to praying together at this time.

Focus on Kindness and Love

Whatever circumstances brought you to this situation, don’t judge each other for where you are now. Judgment could make your spouse feel guilty and misunderstood, particularly if they’re bearing the weight of a faith crisis. Let them go through this time without judging them, and offer your support and love along the way.

Don’t offer unsolicited advice or try to hurry your spouse along to recovery. It can take time to emerge from a dark season, so concentrate on showing kindness and understanding. Darkness can feel so overwhelming; show consistent acts of kindness, big and small, to demonstrate your love.

Most of all, let your spouse know you’re here for them and how much you love them. If it feels right, let them know you’re praying for them, too. When they know without a doubt that you’re holding them in your heart, that makes all the difference.

It’s always the right time to show love to your spouse, but it’s especially important during dark seasons. Our book, Love Is, contains heartfelt meditations on love that you can spend time with together or on your own. Take a look and pick up your copy here.

Have you and your spouse weathered dark seasons together? How did you come out on the other side? Share your stories in the comments.

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  • Michelle says:

    My husband and I are going through a very dark season at the moment. Through this season we are growing so much stronger in our faith and love for each other. What we are going through is enough that tear even the strongest couples apart but god has a plan for us both individually and as a couple and we are seeing the miracles he is doing in our lives even though to everyone else our situation probably seems dire.

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