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Careers in Marriage: How to Help Each Other Grow Professionally

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Professional growth spans the whole of many people’s careers, requiring time, commitment, and change along the way. Some people choose to attend college for postgraduate degrees, pursue a promotion, or embark on a new career after marriage. In fact, sometimes, spouses are pursuing their own career goals side-by-side. How can married couples support one another in order to achieve their career goals and grow professionally? Read on. Communicate your needs, dreams, and professional goals to one another. The first step of working together toward your professional goals is to clearly communicate your needs and dreams to one another. You can’t…

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My Spouse Wants to Go Back to School. Now What?

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So your spouse wants to go back to school. Maybe this comes as a shock to you: College? Graduate School? Now? Or maybe this has been an ongoing conversation for a while, but now your spouse says it’s time. The pressure’s on. You’re not sure your spouse going to undergraduate or graduate school is the best idea for your family right now. The thought of reducing or losing your spouse’s income makes you sweat buckets, and you’re not sure if you’re up to the challenge of shouldering more financial burden and responsibility at home–not to mention the possibility of student…

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Help! My Spouse Wants Me to Make More Money

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You’ve weighed your career decisions, filtered your values and what’s most important to you, and decided on a job that will help you not only bring in a good income, but also balance those values and pursuits in the best possible way for your family–or so you thought. Suddenly, you’re getting outside pressure from your spouse to up your game…and you’re not sure where it’s coming from. Money is a hot-button issue in most marriages, but the it tends to really hit a nerve where individual income is concerned. Whether one or both spouses is working, it’s not uncommon for…

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Help! My Spouse Has a Successful Career (And I Don’t)

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Developing your careers—at any time in your marriage—is hard work for both of you. While it would be nice if both spouses could progress toward their career goals at the same pace, that’s not realistic, and it’s very unlikely. That means, at some point, one of you will be arguably more successful in your career than the other. If your wife or husband has a more successful career than you during this season, it’s normal to feel left behind, inadequate, and maybe even a little jealous. While you should definitely acknowledge your feelings, it’s dangerous to let them take root…

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Clash of Careers: Whose Is More Important?

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Our career pursuits can sometimes clash. Whose career should take priority? When you and your spouse are both very passionate about the future, your career, and your dreams (both individual and shared), those things can sometimes collide.What do you do when that happens? Whose career and dreams should take precedence? In marriage, it’s important to negotiate a shared relationship–because when the goals and dreams of two people in a marriage clash, things can get very complicated. Today, we’re talking about ways to work together through conflicting career goals. Goals often require one spouse to sacrifice on the other’s behalf. Even…

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A Career We Can Be Proud Of?: When Your Spouse Isn’t Reaching His Potential

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How can I convince my husband to go back to school and make the most out of his life? Let’s say you’re a few years into marriage, and perhaps your husband’s career prospects aren’t looking very rosy. Maybe your income isn’t comfortable, or his professional status isn’t what you believe it should be. It’s important that you pause to consider your motivations behind these feelings. First, remember that you married your husband for his qualities, and that those qualities may now lend themselves to his current career situation. His vocation may be fulfilling for him, whether or not the idea…

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The Tightrope: Balancing Career and Marriage

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Some of the biggest hot-button issues in marriages today involve each spouse’s career. Work is a major part of each individual’s life, and it can be challenging to balance work and career needs while maintaining a healthy, happy marriage. Couples often find themselves in the midst of conflict over the jobs of one or both spouses. Even though it can take a lot of work, it is possible to balance your careers and your marriage. In this article, we share four suggestions to help you and your spouse create a healthier relationship that exists in harmony with your careers, rather…

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